Wretched Hag Guide, Build & Strategy

HoN Wretched Hag Guide, Wretched Hag Build & Wretched Hag Strategy. Wretched Hag is a ranged Intelligence hero that belong to Hellbourne in the Heroes of Newerth. This post is contains HoN Wretched Hag skill description, stats and strategy.

Wretched HagThe Wretched Hag haunted Newerth’s darkness long before the Hellbourne spilled forth. A fiendish hag fatted off the flesh of children and virgin brides, she keeps as her only company a swarm of bats — the only creatures that can abide her shrieking cries.

Wretched Hag Stats
Attack Type Ranged
Attack Damage 40 – 48
Attack Range 550

Movement Speed 300
Strength 16
Agility 18
Intelligence 24

Strength per level 1.7
Agility per level 2.0
Intelligence per level 2.5

Armor 1.52
MagicArmor 5.5

Wretched Hag Spells & Skills
HauntThe Wretched Hag haunts a target unit with a bat, slowing its movement speed and dealing periodic damage.

Type: Magic
Range: 400
Cast Time: 1.5 Seconds
Mana Cost: 80 / 100 / 120 / 140
Cooldown: 20.0 / 17.0 / 14.0 / 11.0 Seconds

Deals 50 / 70 / 70 / 100 initial Magic damage, then applies Haunted to target for 15 seconds.

Haunted Effects
10 / 20 / 40 / 50 Magic damage inflicted every 3 seconds.\n20 / 30 / 40 / 50% Movement speed slow initially, which wears off over 10 seconds.

Flash of Darkness
Flash of DarknessThe Wretched Hag disappears in a flash of darkness, only to instantly reappear at a target location.

Range: 800 / 900 / 1,000 / 1,150
Cast Time: 1.5 Seconds
Mana Cost: 60
Cooldown: 12.0 / 10.0 / 8.0 / 6.0 Seconds

Teleports self to target position.

Sonar Scream
Sonar ScreamUnleashing a high frequency scream, the Wretched Hag damages all nearby enemies.

Type: Magic
Radius: 400 / 450 / 475 / 500
Cast Time: 0.8 Seconds
Mana Cost: 140
Cooldown: 7.0 Seconds

Deals 85 / 165 / 225 / 300 Magic damage to targets in radius.

Wretched Hag Ultimate
Bat Blast
Bat BlastThe Wretched Hag lets loose a torrent of magical bats in a target direction. Enemies caught within the blast are heavily damaged.

Type: Magic
Range: 700
Cast Time: 1.5 Seconds
Mana Cost: 250 / 360 / 500
Cooldown: 135.0 Seconds

Deals 290 / 430 / 600 Magic damage and applies Haunted to targets in a line, up to 700 units away. Radius of the damaging line starts out at 100 and ends at 300.

This ability can be boosted by Staff of the Master.
Staff Effect: Increases damage from {290,430,600} to {340,530,725}.

Haunted Effects
You must have Haunt learned in order for Haunted to have any effect.

Wretched Hag Item Build
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Wretched Hag Skill Build
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Wretched Hag Strategy
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