HoN 1.0.5 Patch Changelog & Update

HoN 1.0.5 Patch is the next patch after the HoN 1.0.4.  HoN 1.0.5 Patch introduce the Gladiator which is the direct patch of Kunkka. Now, let’s welcome the Heroes of the Newerth 1.0.5! Check out the full changelog below:

HoN Gladiator Guide, Build & Strategy

HoN Gladiator Guide, Gladiator Build & Gladiator Strategy. Gladiator is introduced on the Hon Patch 1.0.5. He is the direct port of Kunkka from Dota-Allstars which is a melee Strength hero that belong to Legion in the Heroes of Newerth. This post is contains Gladiator skill description, stats and strategy.

HoN Free Play This Week End!

S2Games has just shared a good news today. For those who not yet purchase the Heroes of Newerth retail account but already have the Beta account, you can play HoN for free this weekend. Moreover, you also get the chance to play the HoN latest hero, Gladiator (Kunkka direct port). This event will be starting […]

Heroes Of Newerth 1.0.5 Patch & Gladiator Preview

S2Games has adjust the HoN test client into HoN 0.2.74 version. On that client, they give us a preview of the Heroes Of Newerth 1.0.5 which will give us new hero and item. Check out the pictures below for the sneak peek of the HoN 1.0.5:

HoN 1.0.4 Patch Changelog & Update

HoN 1.0.4 Patch & Changelog has just released. Heroes of Newert Patch 1.0.4 is a quick patch which give some improvement and bug fixes. 

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