HoN Moraxus Guide, Build & Strategy

HoN Moraxus Guide, Moraxus Build & Moraxus Strategy. Moraxus will be coming out on the next HoN version, Patch 1.0.18. He is a unique hero and not a port of DotA hero, a sign of challenge from HoN for DotA 2? Stay tune for more news!

Leaving a trail of headless and maimed corpses in his wake, the blade-throwing Moraxus is among the most feared of the Hellbourne daemons. Some speculate he was once a Beast, transformed by sheer agony in the pits of hell. Others claim he is an elemental creature of warfare itself. Whatever his origin, Moraxus is an unstoppable, implacable foe.

Moraxus Skills


Makes the ground quake beneath Moraxus, damaging and stunning nearby enemy units.

Arcane Shield

Moraxus gains passive bonus armor, and with expert timing, can absorb enemy spell energies.

More Axes

Moraxus is armed with more axes, which he may throw at enemies as presents. Axes deal damage and apply a stacking movement slow to the enemy hit.


Moraxus creates a defensive axe matrix which feeds off of the energies of nearby enemies. The matrix absorbs incoming damage, and Moraxus may detonate it to deal damage to nearby enemies.

Moraxus Skill Build
Coming soon!

Moraxus Item Build
Coming soon!

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