HoN and Dota Items Comparison and Equivalent

As we already know, Heroes of Newerth or HoN is inspired from Dota-Allstars. Hence, their items is so much the same. However, Dota players who start to playing HoN probably having a little difficulty about it. And here is the list of the HoN and Dota items comparison/equivalent to help the Dota players learn HoN.

Abyssal Skull          Vladmir’s Offering
Acolyte’s Staff         Mystic Staff
Alchemist’s Bones         Hand of Midas
Apprentice’s Robe         Robe of the Magi
Assassin’s Shroud         Lothar’s Edge
Astrolabe         Mekansm
Axe of Malphai         Messerschmidts’s Reaver
Barbed Armor         Blade Mail
Barrier Idol         Khadgar’s Pipe of Insight
Bastard Sword         Claymore
Beastheart         Vitality Booster
Behemoth’s Heart         Heart of Tarrasque
Blessed Orb         Ultimate Orb
Bolstering Armband     Belt of Giant Strength
Bottle             Empty Bottle
Bound Eye         Gem of Truesight
Broadsword         Broadsword
Brutalizer             Cranium Basher
Charged Hammer         Mjollnir
Codex             Dagon
Crushing Claws         Gauntlets of Strength
Dancing Blade         Eaglehorn
Demonic Breastplate     Assault Cuirass
Doombringer         Divine Rapier
Duck Boots         Slippers of Agility
Dust of Revelation         Dust of Appearance
Elder Parasite         Mask of Madness
Enhanced Marchers     Phase Boots
Fleetfeet             Boots of Elvenskin
Fortified Bracelet         Bracer
Frost Wolf’s Skull         Eye of Skadi
Frostfield Plate         Shiva’s Guard
Geometer’s Bane         Manta Style
Gloves of the Swift         Gloves of Haste
Glowstone         Point Booster
Great Arcana         Oblivion Staff
Guardian Ring         Ring of Protection
Hack and Slash         Sange and Yasha
Hack             Sange
Halberd             Javelin
Harkon’s Blade         unique to HoN
Health Potion         Healing Salve
Hellflower         Orchid Malevolence
Helm of the Black Legion     Vanguard
Helm of the Victim         Helm of Iron Will
Homecoming Stone     Teleport Scroll
Hungry Spirit         Mask of Death
Icon of the Goddess     Soul Booster
Insanitarius         Armlet of Mordiggan
Staff of the Master         Aganhim’s Scepter
Iron Buckler         Stout Shield
Iron Shield         Poor Man’s Shield
Lifetube             Ring of Health
Logger’s Hatchet         Quelling Blade
Major Totem         unique to HoN
Mana Battery         Magic Stick
Mana Potion         Lesser Clarity Potion
Manatube         Void Stone
Marchers             Boots of Speed
Mark of the Novice         Mantle of Intelligence
Mighty Blade         Ogre Axe
Minor Totem         Ironwood Branch
Mock of Brilliance         Radiance
Monkey Courier         Animal Courier
Mystic Vestaments         Planeswalker’s Cloak
Neophyte’s Book         Staff of Wizardry
Nome’s Wisdom         unique to HoN
Nullfire Blade         Diffusal Blade
Nullstone             Linken’s Sphere
Pickled Brain         Energy Booster
Plated Greaves         unique to HoN
Platemail             Platemail
Portal Key         Kelen’s Dagger (Blink Dagger)
Posthaste         Boots of Travel
Power Supply         Magic Wand
Pretender’s Crown         Circlet of Nobility
Punchdagger         Blades of Attack
Puzzlebox         Necronomicon
Quickblade         Blade of Alacrity
Refreshing Ornament     Headdress of Rejuvenation
Restoration Stone         Refresher Orb
Riftshards         Buriza-do Kyanon
Ring of Sorcery         Arcane Ring
Ring of the Teacher     Ring of Basilius
Ringmail             Chainmail
Runed Axe         Battlefury
Runes of Blight         Tangos of Essifation
Sacrificial Stone         Bloodstone
Savage Mace         Monkey King Bar
Scarab             Sobi Mask
Shaman’s Headdress     Hood of Defiance
Shield Breaker         Stygian Desolator
Shield of the Five         Nathrezim Buckler
Shrunken Head         Black King Bar
Slash             Yasha
Slayer             Demon Edge
Snake Bracelet         Talisman of Evasion
Soulscream Ring         Wraith Band
Steam Staff         Quarterstaff
Steamboots         Power Treads
Storm Spirit         Eul’s Scepter of Divinity
Sustainer         Perseverance
Sword of the High         Sacred Relic
Symbol of Rage         Satanic
Tablet of Command         Force Staff
Talisman of Exile         Null Talisman
Thunderclaw         Maelstrom
Totem of Kuldra         Guinsoo’s Scythe of Vyse
Trinket of Restoration     Ring of Regeneration
Void Talisman         Ghost Scepter
Ward of Revelation         Sentry Wards
Wards of Sight         Observer Wards
Warhammer         Mithril Hammer
Warpcleft         Hyperstone
Whispering Helm         Helm of the Dominator
Wingbow             Butterfly
Winged Courier         Crow Courier

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